A short journal of the life and learnings at CIID.

What is CIID?

A short introduction to the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the IDP programme.

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Team Building with the Sherwins

A short summary of the learnings from our one week course on team building and collaboration techniques for designers.

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Intro to Interaction Design

This post talks about some of the learnings and projects from the class on Introduction to Interaction Design.

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People Centered Research

A walkthrough to our class on people centered research and design that features some of our projects and explorations.

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video prototyping arvind sanjeev

Video Prototyping

A journey through our learnings from the class on Video Prototyping and Story Telling.

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CIID experience prototyping arvind sanjeev

Experience Prototyping

A walkthrough to our different prototypes and learnings from the class on Experience Prototyping.

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CIID electronics as material arvind sanjeev

Electronics as Material

This post talks about all our crazy projects and learnings from the class Electronics as Material.

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