About Me

Arvind Sanjeev (16 April 1991)

Arvind Sanjeev is an award winning interaction designer and engineer who also occasionally takes on the lenses of an artist and a futurist. He is originally from Kerala, India and currently based in Sweden. He is described as being a serial innovator at several platforms and was also awarded as the "Most Promising Innovator" by Yahoo-Accenture. He is also the founder of the platform DIY Hacking (now maker.pro) and has been active in the scene of entrepreneurship and education in India.

Arvind is convinced that ubiquitous computing is the future, and is currently exploring new paradigms for interacting with digital artefacts through the physical world. He believes that the future holds screenless and more tactile interfaces that can create digital narratives on top of the everyday environment of people and that this can be developed only through a people centred approach which had lead him to pursue his master's in interaction design from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in 2017. His thesis project, Lumen is a culmination of a vision where the digital and physical world meet each other, which has bagged multiple accolades from IxDA, Fast Company, Danish Design and Museo Marino Marini, Florence.

Contact him: ars@arvindsanjeev.com