About Me

Arvind Sanjeev (16 April 1991)

Arvind Sanjeev is an interaction designer and engineer based in Kerala, India. He is described as being a serial innovator [1] at several platforms and has been running an educational initiative called DIY Hacking (now known as Maker.Pro). Yahoo-Accenture had also awarded him as the "Most Promising Innovator" [2].

Arvind is convinced that ubiquitous computing is the future, which has propelled him to work on new interfaces and inspired him to delve deep to learn more about it. He believes that the future holds screenless and more tactile interfaces that can augment the efficiency of people through information and that this can be developed only through efficient human-computer interaction design which lead him to pursue his master's in interaction design from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Contact him: ars@arvindsanjeev.com