Machine Learning: A magic ingredient for prototyping

An article that shares our experiences from working with machine learning and how it can be part of a designer's toolkit for prototyping user experiences.

Designing for Life: Key takeaways from IxDA 2019

Design now has a seat at the table, but now what? This was the question that most of the designers were asking at one of the biggest interaction design conferences this year: the IxDA 2019.

7 Best Grad Schools for Makers

The skills for building exceptional things, sets a Maker apart. Their ability to convert concepts from their minds into working prototypes is extremely powerful. However, if you are a Maker and you wish to keep building new technologies all your life, then choosing a good grad school makes all the difference.

E-tshirt: Concept and Background Study

This project presents a novel solution that has been developed for predicting challenging behavior in autistic children, which will help parents and teachers prevent meltdowns and avoid stressing them too much. The developed solution is a new kind of visual representation of the body vitals of the child through the physical medium of clothing.

E-tshirt: Open Source Project Tutorial

This open source project consists of a tshirt embedded with an electrophoretic (eink) display that can display the wearer’s hear rate, skin temperature and galvanic skin response. The entire project is documented here as a tutorial to allow replication of the same technology.

E-tshirt: Technical Story of Development

This page covers the technical story of development for the E-tshirt project. The final prototype of the E-tshirt was created after multiple iterations, and I am sharing each version here. It includes the reverse engineering of an ebook to the final prototype fabrication.

Digitising Human Emotions for Virtual Reality applications

The following article is based on the learnings I gained from a short study I did on existing research to understand the possibility of digitising our emotions for remote transfer between individuals and to incorporate it as feedback to virtual reality platforms.

The Ultimate Guide for building the Best Research Projects

This article is intended for students who are getting started on building their academic minor/major projects. Here, I will first explain what a good research project is, next the factors necessary to make the best research projects and finally some ideas that you can use to build your projects.

Fab11 conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Machines that make machines, robots, brain wave controlled electronics, these were all the technologies we were able to witness during the trip to Boston and Fab 11. Being the home to the prestigious MIT, Harvard and a bunch of other schools, the area bolsters innovation and creativity.

oT based Raspberry Pi home automation using IBM Bluemix

We all have at some point of life desired to control everything at the click of a button from your smart device. May it be turning off unnecessary lights when you are not at home to detecting intruders when you are not around. This tutorial will guide you to build a simple raspberry pi home automation system.

How To Be a Maker eBook – Get started with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

I have authored my first eBook titled – “How To Be a Maker”. It is intended to be a beginner’s guide to getting started with working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2. It will help you to build really cool arduino projects and raspberry pi projects, read more to download the free eBook.

Build Raspberry Pi robots: Best Tutorial for beginners

If you are a beginner to Raspberry Pi and were looking for a simple hardware project, then look no further. This tutorial will show you to develop a python based robot which avoids obstacles and navigates freely. Obstacle avoiding robots are fairly common and easy to make.

Raspberry Pi GPIO with PIR motion sensor: Best tutorial

This tutorial, based on the latest Raspberry Pi B+/model 2, will show you to interface a PIR motion sensor with the Raspberry Pi. And also guides you to use the GPIO pins on it. The GPIO pins on the raspberry pi are critical when it comes to making a hardware project.

Raspberry pi touchscreen LCD: Display Interfacing Tutorial

Touchscreen displays are always one of the coolest things that you can add to a raspberry pi. Having a neat display always boosts the overall funk of your project. You can build upon a prolific number of applications using portable TFT LCD displays that have onboard touch sensing.

Arduino LCD Tutorial: A must have for Arduino Projects

Interfacing a character LCD to an arduino is one of the coolest things that you can do on the arduino. Most of the best arduino projects around the world sport one of these LCD displays. These LCDs can be used to display information from the arduino or any sensor connected to it.

Arduino Motion Sensor Alarm Tutorial: PIR Interfacing

Have you ever wanted to build a project that had could detect the presence of a person in a room? If so, then you can do this very easily using the PIR (Passive Infra Red) Motion sensor. This arduino motion sensor can detect the presence of a person in a room.

Arduino MPU 6050 – 6DoF IMU Sensor Interfacing Tutorial

In this post, I will be reviewing a few basic IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) sensors, compatible with arduino. I shall also give a short tutorial for interfacing arduino with the best IMU sensor available. IMU sensors like the MPU 6050 are used in self balancing robots, UAVs, smartphones, etc.

Arduino Hall Effect Sensor Tutorial: Interfacing Technique

Have you ever wanted to make a project that involved contact-less sensing? This project uses a hall effect sensor to detect the presence of a magnet. Whenever a magnet moves past this sensor, it can detect it. Hence, this sort of sensor can be used to do a lot of things.

Arduino LDR Sensor: Interfacing Tutorial for Beginners

In order to detect the intensity of light or darkness, we use a sensor called LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The LDR is a special type of resistor which allows higher voltages to pass through it (low resistance) whenever there is high intensity of light. And passes a low voltage whenever it is dark.

SmartCap: Raspberry Pi – Head Mounted Display Tutorial

Head mounted displays are definitely the latest fad that's going around town now. You might have seen several wearable displays such as the google glass, and many others including virtual reality systems like the oculus rift. Check this tutorial for building your own wearable display.

Tutorial for the Best Voice Recognition Software for Raspberry Pi

This tutorial is about the best voice recognition software for Raspberry Pi and how to use it. I was able to install and test three different voice recognition systems for Raspberry Pi. Two of these softwares were dependent on the internet and were online, however the third one was offline.

Raspberry Pi Backup: A Tutorial for Backing up your Pi

For all those who have worked on a raspberry pi, you might have experienced the frustration associated with having a corrupted SD card. Especially, when all the work you have done is stored in it. Using a couple of really simple commands in Linux , you will be easily able to backup your Raspberry Pi SD card.

Raspberry Pi Webcam Robot – Best Video Streaming Tutorial

It is always cool to add a camera to your remote controlled car or robot, so that you can see where its heading exactly and probably use a wifi enabled smartphone or tablet to view the video as well. Its very simple now to do this using a raspberry pi and a USB webcam.

A Web Based Raspberry Pi home automation tutorial

The Internet Of Things is the most trending technology today that stands alongside wearables and robotics. It is a very simple concept where devices in our home or wherever they are, have the capability to communicate with each other via the internet. Usually sensors are used with this technology to relay data.

PIR Motion Sensor Automation: An Interfacing Tutorial

Everyone fantasies a home where all the appliances and devices work on their own without having the need for a user to intervene. This is a small step towards achieving that. Wouldn’t it be great when you no longer have to use a switch to turn ON a lamp when you walk into a room.

Android Controlled Robot: The Best Arduino Tutorial

Ever wanted to make an android controlled robot or car? Control your RC car with a smartphone? Or wanted a tutorial about connected devices and getting started with it? Now you can do that with this simple DIY hack that even provides you with a free android application.

DIY Android Home Automation with free Smartphone Application

Ever wanted to make your home automated? Wanted to control the lights, fan and other appliances from your smartphone? Or wanted a tutorial about connected devices and getting started with it? DIY Android Home Automation will show you how to make your home automated using an android smartphone.

Line Follower Robot: Tutorial to Interface Servos and IR sensors

Line followers are one of the most prominent kinds of robot. They have existed for a very long time , however the technologies used for building them have changed rapidly. Earlier controller boards the size of bricks were used, but now they have shrunk and become tremendously powerful.

Arduino flow rate sensor interfacing: The Best Tutorial

Ever wanted to measure liquid flowing through a pipe? Wanted to create a control system based on the water flow rate or quantity? For example while gardening, to measure the amount of water used to water your plants, to prevent wastage, etc. If yes then this very easy DIY project is for you.

Make an Arduino Board: Tutorial to Customise your Arduino

Want to save money by making your own arduino clone boards? Or want to make a custom board specifically for your needs, then this DIY project is for you. Make arduino board from cheap electronic components available at your local store. Just follow these simple step by step instructions.

Coil Gun: Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher

A coil gun is an electromagnetic projectile launcher. It’s more powerful sibling called the Rail Gun is already being tested in military applications. They are so powerful that research is being done to use this technology in the future for launching satellites into orbit.