Lumen World - Co Founder and CTO | 5/2021 - Present
  • Co founded a company that aims to create shared and human-centered experiences in XR.
  • Prototyped and built the first AR flashlight for the metaverse.
  • Heading the hardware and supporting software product development efforts through the lens of interaction design.
  • User research, customer discovery, fund raising and everthing else needed to push a product into the market.

Senseless World - Co Founder and Creative Technologist | 1/2019 - Present
  • Co founded a design and art collective with three other interaction designers.
  • Experimenting on immersive experiences that augment our senses through playful applications of emerging technologies.
  • Responsible for blending together design and technology through experience prototyping and functional prototyping.
  • User research, co creation and testing with stakeholders.

Above Agency - Creative Technologist | 5/2018 - 5/2021
  • Creative technologist & interaction designer at one of Sweden's leading design agencies.
  • Leading multidisciplinary project teams through futurecasting, people-centred research and exploratory prototyping.
  • Responsible for blending together design and technology through projects, people and culture.
  • Experimenting with the boundaries between the physical and digital through playful interactions and immersive experiences.

DIY Hacking (Maker.pro) - Founder | 7/2014 - Present
  • Partnered with the Kerala Govt to distribute 10,000 Raspberry Pi kits to school students and hosted workshops accross the state.
  • Got featured on Techcrunch for an open source head mounted display project.
  • Founded DIY hacking, a platform to share open source projects and tutorials - having monthly visitors of 100,000.
  • Authored: How to be a Maker! for students to learn rapid prototyping using open source hardware.
  • Conducted technical workshops at more than 40 colleges around India.
  • Authored several project tutorials through “DIY Hacking”, to inspire students through tech.
  • Hosted technical workshops for companies like: Infosys, IBM, Amdocs, etc.

Kerala Government - Technology Innovation Fellow | 7/2015 - 8/2016
  • Helped setup a Makerspace in Cochin University and several other institutions.
  • Assisted in setting up a Fab Lab from MIT in Cochin, Kerala.
  • Mentoring and guiding several projects by students and start ups.
  • Trained through MIT's Fab Academy on using rapid prototyping tools and machines.
  • Conducted tech workshops at several schools and colleges accross the state.
  • Hosted community meetups for student makers to support them through the Fab Lab.

Fin Robotics - CTO | 4/2013 - 4/2014
  • Initial prototyping for “Fin” (a bluetooth enabled smart wearable ring).
  • Designed the core technology around the wearable.
  • Presented the prototype at the Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield for the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Las Vegas.
  • Contributed to raising 200,000$ crowd-funding goal for the product on Indiegogo.

ARS Devices - Founder | 11/2011 - 3/2013
  • Prototyped and attempted to commercialise RideSmart, a car automation application while in undergrad school, 2012.
  • Partnered with Blackberry to showcase RideSmart at global events.
  • Experimented with wearable technology, home automation, car automation, etc.
  • Among five selected student entrepreneurs from the state to interact with influential companies like: Google, DropBox and Twitter in Silicon Valley.
  • Featured on Techcrunch, BBC World News, Yahoo News, Deccan Chronicle, etc.