A crowdfunded wearable controller that can
detect hand gestures

Wearables | Crowd funding | Gesture Detection

Dec 2013

The Intro

Fin (now called Neyya) is a BLE enabled smart finger ring that can track the gestures made using your finger. This project required intense research around IMU sensors, embedded systems, gesture tracking algorithms, bluetooth low energy systems, PCB designing and optical finger tracking systems.

The product has raised 200,000$ through Indiegogo and was selected as one of the 15 best products by Techcrunch during the Hardware Battlefield at CES 2014.

The Technology

Fin has the capability to identify various gestures made by the user using it's onboard IMU and optical sensors and sends this data via Bluetooth/BLE to the smartdevice. Each gesture is mapped to perform a particular activity on the smartdevice (smartphones/ smartTV's, etc) using softwares and applications that run on the background. For example: swiping your thumb up/down on your index finger could be used to change the volume on your smartdevice, swiping left/right on your palm to change the soundtracks on the device, etc.

The Prototypes

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