EVO, Inc.
An intelligent travel companion for
empowering kids

Team: Arvind Sanjeev | Ine-Charlotte | Can Yanardag | James Zhou

The Intro

EVO is a customizable connected toy that functions as a travel companion for kids. It teaches kids about traffic rules and giving them location specific information. EVO helps parents to entertain and protect their kids. EVO works with a companion app that transforms boring daily routes into adventure quests. Kids can earn stars every time they complete quests related to traffic safety and navigation.

EVO evolves into a travel personal assistant as the kid grows up, reminding them about when to leave a place to make it in time to their next transport, making sure they have all the necessary items for the upcoming trip, giving them suggestions as to what to do when they are at their destination.

The Service

EVO, Inc. is a service that makes traveling with kids a more enjoyable experience by turning the trip into a learning focused adventure. The service partners with local municipalities and public transportation systems to create engaging learning experiences. For example, EVO can act as a transport card and check onto buses and metros.

EVO, Inc. procedurally generating quests based on Google Maps data. For a more tailored experience, quest designers make specific quests for institutions such as zoos and museums.

The Process

To arrive at the concept, several interview sessions were done with parents having kids of different ages. Furthermore, other exercises like analogous experiences and empathetic exercises were also done to understand the context of the problem better.

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