A graphic design project exploring a
bookmarking application

UI Design | Micro Interactions

The Intro

Booki is a bookmarking app that allows print book lovers to store snippets from a book they are reading by capturing them in a quick and easy way.

The process of capturing a piece of text in a book and converting it into digital is not straightforward, especially when you just need to quickly capture something and store it for reading it later. Booki tries to address this problem through a simple interface that allows you to capture the text through the phone’s camera and archive it under the list of bookmarks you already have for the book you are reading. Furthermore, it uses optical character recognition to convert the print text into digital.

The Design

Booki has been designed with an emphasis on quick and easy capture of texts, which can be seen through the way how the app by default opens up in the capture ready mode and turns the camera on. After the text is captured, it also allows you to select just the relevant lines of text from the picture that was taken using a conventional text highlighting interface. Soon after which the new bookmark can be saved under the current book you are reading. And finally, the newly saved bookmark pops up through a scaling up micro animation in the last screen to present itself as the newly created entry.

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