About Me

Arvind Sanjeev (16 April 1991)

Arvind Sanjeev (he/him) is an award-winning interaction designer and artist. His work focuses on future-casting and exploratory prototyping through a fusion of design, art and technology. He creates futures for reflection, critique, provocation and inspiration through functional and diegetic prototypes.

He is originally an electronics engineer from Kerala, India and is currently the co-founder and CTO at Lumen World Inc, building the world's first AR flashlight. He previously worked as a Design Technologist for Above Agency - a leading design studio from Sweden, where he led multi-disciplinary teams for prototyping product experiences for fortune 500 companies.

Arvind enjoys experimenting with the social and cultural implications of technology using playful interactions and immersive experiences. Through his startup Lumen.world, he is currently exploring new paradigms for interacting with digital artifacts via the physical world using Lumen - a mixed reality flashlight. His work has been featured and celebrated in several leading platforms such as Fast Co, BBC, Techcrunch, Hackaday, It’s Nice That, Yanko Design, IxDA, Creative Applications, Discovery Channel, Times of India, etc.

Arvind loves teaching and is also an adjunct faculty for Artificial Intelligence at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Prior to pursuing his Master’s in Interaction Design from CIID, he worked with education and social entrepreneurship in India. He founded the platform DIY Hacking.com (acquired by maker.pro), has hosted numerous workshops and talks at educational institutions in the country, and partnered with state governments to create educational reforms. Through his work, he has been described as a serial innovator on several platforms and awarded as the "Most Promising Innovator" by Yahoo-Accenture.


2019 IxDA Award: Most engaging product award
2019 IxDA Award: Best student award
2019 Danish Design Award: Young Talent, Finalist
2018 Playable Museum Award: Museo Marino Marini, Italy
2018 FastCo Innovation by Design Award: Finalist
2018 DrivenxDesign: NOW Award
2013 SV Square: Govt of Kerala
2012 Most Promising Innovator Award by Yahoo-Accenture


2023 Hackaday- “Giving an old typewriter a mind of its own with GPT-3”.
2023 Make: Magazine- “Building The Ghostwriter AI Typewriter”.
2023 It's Nice That- “Ever seen a typewriter type back? This AI-powered Ghostwriter does just that”.
2023 The New Indian Express- “Future meets the past: ‘Ghostwriter’ an AI typewriter that can talk..”.
2023 Tech Linked- “The WEIRDEST Tech at CES 2023 [Video]”.
2023 Yanko Design- “This AI-powered typewriter can type out a complete anthology if you can..”.
2023 Design Boom- “Arvind Sanjeev ponders co-creation with AI”.
2022 Arduino- “Ghostwriter is a gorgeous typewriter with an onboard AI co-writer”.
2022 ARS Technica- “Meet Ghostwriter, a haunted AI-powered typewriter that talks to you”.
2022 Forbes- “How To Use Metaverse Technology To Design A Better Real World”.
2022 Hackster.io- “Arvind Sanjeev's Ghostwriter Is an Upcycled Typewriter Interface to OpenAI”.
2022 Creative Applications- “Ghostwriter: GPT3 powered typewriter by Arvind Sanjeev”.
2019 The Florentine- “Museo Marino Marini revamped”.
2018 Fast Company- “The Flashlight Is A Surprisingly Perfect Interface For AR”.
2018 Financial Express- “This Indian designer’s project wins an international prize in Italy”.
2018 Creative Applications- “Lumen – Mixed reality storytelling device”.
2018 Fast Company- “This flashlight doubles as a mixed reality projector”.
2018 Yanko Design- “The handheld device that is replacing the AR/VR headset”.
2018 Transmedia Storytelling Podcast- “Lumen, a mixed reality storytelling platform”.
2018 Deccan Chronicle- “A luminous storytelling”.
2018 Your Story- “This student innovator makes VR more social by doing away with headsets”.
2014 Techcrunch- “Indian Inventor Makes A Decidedly Unsexy (But Cool) Open Source Glass Clone”.
2014 The New Indian Express- “A Genius and His Motley Cart of Pioneering Innovations”.
2014 Techcrunch- “The Fin Is A Bluetooth Ring That Turns Your Hand Into An Interface”.
2014 Times of India- “How Kochi innovator Arvind Sanjeev saved you Rs 1 lakh”.
2014 Your Story- “Indian DIY hacker Arvind Sanjeev, the inventor of 'desi' Google Glass”.
2013 BBC World News- “Searching for India's billion-dollar start-up [Video]”.
2013 Yahoo News- “Boy wonder creates a system that makes car keys redundant”.
2013 Blackberry India- “Blackberry 10 controlled car powered by Arvind Sanjeev”.
2013 The New Indian Express- “Five young techies chosen for special visit to Silicon Valley”.

Teaching and Talks

2023 Adobe Design Mix: Keynote Talk on the wave of new technology
2022 Kerala State Institute of Design: Workshop on generative AI tools for designers
2021 Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design: Adjunct faculty on Artificial Intelligence

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Email: ars@arvindsanjeev.com