A short journal of the life and learnings at CIID.

What is CIID?

A short introduction to the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the IDP programme.

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Team Building with the Sherwins

A short summary of the learnings from our one week course on team building and collaboration techniques for designers.

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Intro to Interaction Design

This post talks about some of the learnings and projects from the class on Introduction to Interaction Design.

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People Centered Research

A walkthrough to our class on people centered research and design that features some of our projects and explorations.

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video prototyping arvind sanjeev

Video Prototyping

A journey through our learnings from the class on Video Prototyping and Story Telling.

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CIID experience prototyping arvind sanjeev

Experience Prototyping

A walkthrough to our different prototypes and learnings from the class on Experience Prototyping.

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CIID electronics as material arvind sanjeev

Electronics as Material

Conductive paint, balloon speakers, alien game shows and other crazy experiments from our week on Electronics as Material.

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CIID intro to programming arvind sanjeev

Intro to Programming

Our explorations in creating music through code with tools like processing and p5.

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CIID basic physical computing arvind sanjeev

Basic Physical Computing

Tinkering with sensors and actuators to understand microcontroller based development environments.

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CIID physical computing connected devices arvind sanjeev

Physical Computing and Connected Devices

Reimagining, designing and building tangible interfaces for connected home appliances.

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CIID experimental imaging arvind sanjeev

Experimental Imaging

Getting familiarised with DSLR photography and using the camera as a tool to make the invisible phenomena around us visible.

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CIID skill share week arvind sanjeev

Skill Share Week

Music, philosophy, film, law, psychology, engineering, design are just some of the backgrounds of the students, so why not learn from each other?

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CIID immersive experiences arvind sanjeev

Immersive Experiences

Designing immersive experiences by understanding and experimenting with multi-sensory pereception.

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