An interactive table for hostel dwellers
to co-plan trips

Team: Arvind Sanjeev | Can Yanardag | Keyur Jain

The Intro

Wander is an interactive surface that allows people staying in shared spaces to collaborate and engage with each other. It provides an excuse for people to communicate in settings like hostels.

Wander is capable of identifying people currently staying in the hostel and the popular tourist attractions they have visited in the city through the app the hostel provides. You can use Wander after you place your keys on the table, it detects who you are. Soon after, it asks you to select the landmarks that you wish to visit in the city, after dragging the corresponding tokens into the surface, it shows you the people who have already been there and the people who are currently planning to go there. Through this information, you can ask for feedback from the people who have visited those places and also choose to join other travellers to explore that destination.

The prototype that was developed to explain the concept works through a custom interface that was mapped to a table via a keynote application.

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