A mixed reality storytelling platform that
creates collaborative immersion

Mixed Reality | Machine Learning | Projection Mapping

The Intro

Lumen is a Mixed Reality storytelling platform that lets people immerse in alternate realities in their natural space through machine learning and projection mapping technologies. It tries to explore the creation of a new kind of media that takes advantage of the physical world while overlaying a layer of digital fiction on top of it. The main inspiration behind Lumen was imagining a future with no more screens and trying to see how people will interact with the environment around them. This therefore lead to the design question:

Lumen design question

All popular AR/VR technologies today that lets you immerse relies on headsets or screens, Lumen challenges this trend and explores how people can feel immersed in their natural space by merging bits with atoms.

The Process

The Technology

Lumen uses the yolo darknet machine learning platform to classify objects which is then processed by the onboard algorithm that generates stories on top of those classified objects. Narratives for this platform are designed by storytellers and game designers who will be having access to the background graphical interface that will serve as the story builder and dashboard.

Lumen Machine learning

The hardware consists of a laser projector in combination with a camera and depth sensors that work to create the best projection mapping experience for the user.

Lumen components

The Market

The following graph shows all the current products in the space of mixed reality today that are available in the market. They have been classified based on whether they rely on headsets/screens and on the portability of the device themselves. Lumen lives in an untapped area of mixed reality devices that are portable and which does not confine the user to a headset or screen.

Lumen market

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