A generative music platform
for art therapy

Team: Arvind Sanjeev | Can Yanardag | Somayeh Ranjbar

The Intro

Kolam is an interactive therapy experience which allows people to create music while drawing on sand. Empowering people to make art and music is common practice in the field of psychotherapy, using the act of creation as a medium for healing. Kolam brings the therapeutical effects of art therapy and music therapy into one single experience that allows the individual to generate sound in an expressive way.

The Technology

To create this experience, we used machine learning tools to train our device to recognize common drawing patterns that we observed during our user tests and made those patterns generate different types of music. The system consists of a program running convolutional OSC which trains our machine through the Wekinator software. Then it forwards the data to a program called Ableton OSC and finally to the Ableton Live software to generate music.

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